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About Us

The American Italian Cultural Society (AICS) is a non-profit organization established in 1988 in the city of Crest Hill, Illinois. The AICS organization is dedicated to preserving Italian cultural and carrying on traditions to today's generation.

The American Italian Cultural Society also supports local students with a successful scholarship program. Please inquire at the participating high school guidance office for more information.

Lastly, monies raised at the American Italian Cultural Society is given back to the local community and to those in need.  

How to become a member

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The American Italian Cultural Society (AICS) is a Private club that welcomes new members. To become a member you must first be sponsored by an existing member. then complete the application and submit the form along with the payment. The application is then reviewed with the AICS board for approval. The office will contact after your application is submitted.  Please click on the link below to download the application.


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